Terms & Conditions

1) The website fantasybakeoff.co.uk and its contents are owned by Wandering Albatross Limited.

2) The fantasy prediction game at fantasybakeoff.co.uk (FBO) is administered by Wandering Albatross Limited (WA). Neither fantasybakeoff.co.uk nor Wandering Albatross have any association or affiliation whatsoever with the television programme “The Great British Bake Off”, Channel 4 or Love Productions Limited.

3) The game is open to legal residents of the United Kingdom and all countries where the Game is not prohibited or unlawful, and who are registered members of fantasybakeoff.co.uk. There is no entry fee. Participation in the Game constitutes a users full and unconditional agreement to these Terms and Conditions and to FBO/Wandering Albatross’ decisions. The decisions of FBO/Wandering Albatross Limited regarding all matters relating to the game are final & binding. The Game is void where prohibited or restricted by law and subject to all applications of local, state and national regulations.

4) To access and/or enter the Game, a user must register via the fantasybakeoff.co.uk website and complete their weekly choices before the deadline displayed on the site.

5) To play Fantasy Bake Off a user must be a registered member of fantasybakeoff.co.uk. There is no entry fee.

i. You may register by clicking on the applicable link on the entry page for the game, following the instruction. You will be asked to provide your email address, your name and region and to select a password. Your age range and gender will be requested but providing this information is optional. You will be asked to consent to emails from us in order to become a member. Any emails from us will be in relation to the prediction game.

ii. Once you have registered, access your account by logging onto fantasybakeoff.co.uk with your email address and password

iii. You are responsible for the security of your password. FBO and Wandering Albatross are not responsible or liable for any actions taken using your password.

6) Users of the game are responsible for ensuring that changes to their nominations are registered and no correspondence will be entered into concerning missed deadlines or nominations for any reason whatsoever. Wandering Albatross Limited will take precautions to ensure that Fantasy Bake Off functions correctly at all times and is available at all times when the competition is in progress, but cannot be held responsible for any unavailability of the website which may affect play.

7) Entrants’ personal information may be accessed by Wandering Albatross to administer the game. Any personal data you submit via the registration process will be securely stored, hosted and maintained by Creo Interactive Limited and licensed by FBO/Wandering Albatross for this fantasybakeoff.co.uk Game. Your data will not be shared with any other third party. Personal information will only be used for marketing purposes if you are given the choice and if you have consented to receive future marketing from FBO. Entrants may opt out from receiving any promotional emails at any time.

8) Registration for the Game begins on ……. 2017 at …GMT.The Game begins on ….. The first episode of the series and ends on. ……

9) There is no entry fee required to participate in the Game. Only entries received online in accordance with these Terms & Conditions will be accepted. No other forms of entry will be accepted. Entry materials/data that have been tampered with or altered are void.

10) A strict rule of one entry per person (regardless of the number of email addresses or registered member accounts) or one entry per email address (regardless of whether more than one person uses the same email address, will be enforced and will result in any suspected duplicate entrants, in the sole opinion of FBO or Wandering Albatross Limited having all duplicate entries removed from the game.

11) Entries correctly submitted via the website will result in an acceptance messages on the website (which entrants are advised to print out and keep) confirming the entrant’s email address and password

12) Neither FBO nor Wandering Albatross are responsible for lost, late, incomplete, damaged, stolen, invalid, unintelligible or misdirected entries which will be disqualified. Neither FBO or WA are responsible for any unavailability or interruptions to any service or equipment used in connection with the game, including without limitation. 1) interruptions to any network, server, Internet, website, telephone, satellite, computer or any other connections 2) failures of any telephone, satellite, hardware, software or other equipment 3)garbled,misdirected or jumbled transmissions or traffic congestion, or 4) other errors of any kind, whether human, technical, mechanical or electronics or 5) the incorrect or inaccurate capture of entry or other information or the full urge to capture any such information. Once submitted, entries become the sole property of FBO and WA (and will not be acknowledged or returned).

13) Participation constitutes the entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Terms and Conditions and to the decisions of Wandering Albatross Limited. The decisions of the promoters in regards to all matters of Fantasy Bake Off are final and binding.

14) This promotion is strictly for entertainment purposes and may not be used on in connection with any form of gambling,

15) FBO & Wandering Albatross do not make any representation, warranty or guarantee, express or implied relating to Fantasy Bake Off are not responsible for a) any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by entrants, printing errors or by any of the equipment, hardware, software or programming associated or used with Fantasy Bake Off, b) technical errors, defects, delay as or failures of any kind including without limitation malfunctions, interruptions or disconnections in communications lines, Internet or website access, hardware or software c) digital or electronic disruptions eg viruses d) unauthorised human intervention eg hacking e) technical or human error which may occur in connection with any aspect of Fantasy Bake Off, f) any injury or damage to persons or priority which may be caused directly or indirectly in while or part, from entrants participation in the game, access to, copying or downloading materials from the website or any other website. Entrants’ legal rights as consumers are not affected.

16) In the event of FBO wishes to contact users in connection with their entries, contact will be via an email ending in fantasybakeoff.co.uk. Any email which appears to have come from FBO but using a different ending (eg hotmail.com, gmail.co.uk etc) should be treated with suspicion and forwarded to [email protected]. Users should NOT respond or act on any email if they are not sure that is comes from FBO or from the promoter Wandering Albatross Limited.

17) The rules and point structure are all the copyright of the promoter Wandering Albatross Limited. No information may be reproduced in any format without prior written consent from the promoter.

18) Neither WA nor FBO is responsible for any content on third party websites accessed through a link on this site.

19) The laws of England & Wales apply and any disputes will be dealt with the English & Welsh Courts only.