How To Play


Welcome to Fantasy Bake Off 2022 – a fun prediction game!

Nominate every week who you think will win the episode, who will be eliminated nd who will win the technical round in order to score points. You may also pick up extra points with a correctly chosen Bingo Bonus.

Compete against other fans in our league & create your own private leagues with friends & family to discover who scores the best!

Choose your finalists

In addition, after episode 1 and before episode 2 choose the three contestants you think are most likely to win the competition. You will get points for each of your nominated bakers that wins or makes the final three. On your dashboard page  “Your Chosen Winners” will be underneath your nominations and clicking on that red button will take you to the “Choose your series winners page”. Once selected your finalist picks will appear on your dashboard page, below your weekly predictions. You have the option of altering any of your finalist selections up to the start of the UK broadcast of Episode 2.


To be able to play FBO simply follow the onsite instructions to sign up with your name, email address and choose a password. Create an account.


You will automatically be entered into the FBO overall league & regional leagues with all other users of the website. You can also be part of a private league (see below).


Private leagues

You have a choice to either create or join a league with your friends & family. Once you have logged in click on either ‘Create League’ or ‘Join League’.

A chairperson can create their own private league by inviting other users to join in. Each league will have a maximum of 20 users. See How do I create a private league?
When joining a league you will need to know the league ID number. The chairperson of the private league will give you this when they invite you to join. Click on ‘Join a league’ on your dashboard page and enter the league ID number when prompted.

You can join or set up several private leagues with the same account.


Scoring Information

Points are updated as quickly as possible after each episode. The allocation of the points by FBO adjudicators will be deemed as final and no correspondence will be entered regarding the allocation of points.


Weekly points awarded up to and including episode nine:

  • Correct nomination of the Best Baker = 4 points
  • If your nominated Best Baker is eliminated then 1 point will be deducted from your total
  • Correct weekly nomination of baker to leave = 3 points
  • If your nominated baker to leave is the Best Baker 1 point will be deducted from your total.
  • Correct nomination of the winner of that week’s technical round = 2 points
  • Correctly chosen Bingo Bonus = 2 points


Points awarded at the end of the final episode of the series:

  • Overall winner chosen after episode one and before episode two = 7 points
  • The other two finalists chosen after episode one and before episode two = 2 points each
  • Winner of the final episode, chosen after episode nine = 4 points
  • Bingo Bonus nomination = 2 points
  • No technical round or elimination nominations for the final episode


Entry Deadlines

Your weekly choices must be made before the beginning of the week’s episode, normally 20:00 UK time on Tuesdays (in the event of a schedule change our website’s deadline countdown would be adjusted). You have the option of changing your choices multiple times up until this deadline.

You have until the beginning of the second episode to choose the three contestants you think are most likely to win the entire competition. Once this deadline has passed users are unable to make changes nor make choices for the overall winners.

If you do not update your weekly choices by the weekly deadline, no choices will be entered and you will score zero for that week.  What happens if I forget to update my weekly choices prior to the deadline?


Bingo Bonus

Every week there will be a different scenario given and you have to choose which contestant you think it might involve. Eg a contestant forgets to switch on their oven.

If correctly chosen, Bingo Bonus points will be awarded. Points will only be given for an event occurring during the main one hour programme, ie not during any previews, including at the end of each episode, any adverts or spin off programmes. It is possible that such an scenario will not happen in that particular episode, in which case no Bingo Bonus will be given. If the specified scenario occurs to more than one contestant, the bonus point will be awarded in respect of the contestant who, in the opinion of the Fantasy Bake Off judges, was the first to be seen to be involved in it during the programme as broadcast.